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 "Are You Ready" Presentation

“Are You Ready”, is a 40-45 minute presentation aimed at informing the public in the United States what they can do for themselves to prepare for any emergency or disaster.  It is presented by  Major John W. Davis,  US Army (Retired),  who was hand selected for many senior emergency planning positions in the White House during the terms of President Bush Sr. and President Clinton.  The presentation, which includes a slide show, will inform of the basic requirements for food, water, first aid, clean air, portable kits, checklists, and special needs items.  The recent disasters around our nation make this a very timely and important presentation for everyone

  • Rates - Basic rate is $300.00 for 45-60 minutes discounts available for multiple presentations during the same day please contact for more information.  Discount for presentation in a single day at one location is $500.00 for the day.

  • Non Profit Organizations - pay $100.00. discounts available for multiple presentations during the same day please contact for more information.  

Comments and Reviews

"Thank you so much for your informative and eye -opening presentation last week which made me realize that I am NOT really ready for emergencies or disasters. Your slides made the program interesting and easy to remember there is much we can do for ourselves and that we must not be complacent. This important subject can't be emphasized enough so I hope that you will be speaking in our community again soon.  Thanks also for the tremendous amount of information and providing the Life Secure exhibit - it's good to know what's on the market and the kits are tremendous."

Frank DeSantis, Santa Ana, CA

"I can't thank you enough! Yes, John was absolutely fantastic and working with him was a delight.  We did discuss the possibility of having him come back. I would like to arrange it so we can actually include it as part of the line-up in the calendar section of the Passport. The January through April has been finalized but May through August would be perfect."

Linda Kahn, Bowers Museum, Manager of Museum Programs  Click here to read full letter from Linda

John Davis gave this awareness preparation seminar at my lodge meeting October 16, 2005 and it was an amazing and very informative session.  Each lodge should have John as a guest speaker.  We all need to be made aware of how to prepare for any disaster, big or small.

Andy Pampuro, President Renaissance Lodge, Santa Ana, CA

"Mr. Davis:  Thank you for your informative, interesting and eye-opening presentation last week.  I didn't realize how many things must be considered to be truly ready for an evacuation or disaster.  You made some very important points that I have never heard before that  motivated me to get myself and family ready as much as possible.  Thanks also for showing us the Life Secure Kits - I will take advantage of that as a tool to get started in the right direction."


Kathy, North Tustin, CA


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You can download my individual "Are You Ready Presentation" for Free by clicking the slide below.


For Public Flyer click here



Public Speaking

  • Disaster Planning - Let us tell you the need for prior planning to keep your business operating in any type of emergency, disaster, fire, earthquake, hurricane, flooding, power outages, strikes, or primary vendors facing disaster.  Briefings range in size form small executive staff to presentations for major events.

  • Government Disaster Planning -  Let us tell you the importance of developing partnerships with government agencies and business partners.  The time to plan for emergencies and disasters is prior to the disaster striking not after.  Topics include; writing proposals, negotiating service contracts, and dealing with vendors.

  • Government Plans -  Let us tell you the unclassified versions of how the United States Government has been planning for decades for events such as 911 and can and will remain functional during disasters. This briefing can make you feel good about the stability of our government as well as give you insights in your own planning efforts. Your requirements may not be as extensive but every business needs a plan and to think out the potential disasters that can put your business at risk. 

  • Business Disaster Plans - Let us tell you about disaster planning, employee safety, and individual responsibilities at the work place.

  • Regional Disasters John can Taylor presentations for the disasters your region and business is most likely to face, examples:  Fire, Earthquake, Hurricanes, Power Outages, Floods, Tornados, Snow and Ice Storms.

Click here to read about Presidential Contingency Planning Presentation



Contact John at 310-344-6471 today to arrange a schedule for John to speak to your business or private group


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