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"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

 "Benjamin Franklin"

Disaster Planning Services

  •   Disaster Plan We will come to your business location and review your current plan or write you your first plan. We will review your business practices and needs and write from simple evacuation plans in case of fire to complete comprehensive plans for 100% redundancy to 100% relocation plans. We will individualize your plan based on the needs of your business and your budget.  John Davis has written and tested emergency plans for business and for two US Presidents while serving as the Director of Emergency Actions at the White House from 1990 - 1994.  People safety and lives are the first concern always from there we will write a plan to ensure minimum to no loss of business depending on your business requirements. Our plans can include the following:

  1. We will help you prepare a Business Impact Analysis.

  2. Simple evacuation plans for all your employees.

  3. Reviews of your location for power outage history, flood history, fire history, earthquake history and other disasters from strikes, to terrorist threats.

  4. We will help you train your staff in evacuation plans to knowing how to assist authorities help you preserve lives and your business during an emergency.

  5. Click here for a free sample Earthquake Plan.

  6. Click here for a free sample Power Outage Plan.

  7. Click here for a free basic supplies list

  8. Click here for a free Red Cross Family Disaster Plan List

  9. Click here for a free basic pet plan

  10. Click here for a free basic bomb threat plan

  11. Click here California Disaster Plan tips

  12. Click here for FEMA's complete "Are You Ready" document, 204 pages (21 MBS)

  13. Fire evacuation plans at a time of your choosing for most effective training and least impact on business.

  14. Telephone systems back up plans.

  •   Test Plans -  We will write test plans for your disaster plans to ensure learning and revisions occur as much as possible during good times and not with hind sight. We can write simple test plans to complex ones.

John Davis was the recognized expert in his field when he was assigned to the White House as the director of Emergency Actions.   He has further developed his expertise in the business environment over the past 10 years developing multiple plans and testing including business, local and state government interaction and training.  Let us help you build your disaster plans from simple to complex we have the expertise to meet  your business needs and to train your staff.


Click here for more free downloads for emergency planning.

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