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J.W. Davis Solutions President John W. Davis has 30 years of IT m
anagement experience. He has managed various IT and telecommunications projects from small offices to nation wide and world wide projects. 

Veterans take note:  During his 20 year career in the military he first enlisted in the Iowa Army National Guard as a Private and rose to the rank of Sergeant, then attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Iowa Army National Guard and as a reserve officer of the United States Army.  With in days of his commission he went on to serve with the US Army in an active duty status and later commissioned into the US Army Signal Corps rising to the rank of Major. 

He served as the commanding officer 4 times during his officer career, his first command was company commander Headquarters and Headquarters Company 249th Combat Engineer Battalion (Heavy) in Karlsruhe, West Germany.  After this command he served as the brigade logistics officer (S-4) for the 160th Signal Brigade in Karlsruhe, West Germany.  During his assignment as the S-4 he was the program manger for all IT support to the new emergency command post for the Commander and Chief all US forces Europe beginning his expertise in disaster recovery and emergency planning as well as covert operations.  He moved on to command the 589th Signal Company  (original company overhead slide presentation) headquartered in Stuttgart, West Germany.  His command spread over 45,0000 square kilometers providing all telecommunications and IT support throughout south western West Germany to dozens of US Army Kaserns and command centers such as;  Headquarters, US European Command (USEUCOM), Headquarters US Army VII Corps, Headquarters 2d Support Command, Headquarters 56th Field Artillery, and Headquarters 1st Infantry Division Forward (1st IDF).  

His last two commands were dealing exclusively with continuity of government or now known as "The Shadow Government"  Serving as the  A - Team commander for relocation and survival of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chief's of Staff, and Presidential successors.  He was  responsible for all base operations during any emergency from natural disasters, global nuclear war, to events such as 9-11 the mission was;  with in two hours of first alert first deployment was to take place, with in 15 minutes of arrival to deployment location have minimum communications active, within 2 hours of arrival be fully functional to provide all base operations, and operational support for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the President for up to 6 months with out re-supply or out side support.  He was responsible for over 1 billion dollars worth of equipment, supplies, and cash.  John  was hand selected by the United States Army and the JCS for this command as a Captain (P) and was frocked to Major by order of the Secretary of the Army 8 months ahead of actual promotion in order to full fill the responsibilities of command in and around the JCS becoming just one a very few army officers below the rank of general to be frocked.  This assignment led to furthering his expertise in disaster planning and recovery operations at local, national and world wide levels.  

He was then assigned to the White House Communications Agency as the director of the National Emergency Broadcast system and  initiated the first major system overall in 45 years.  He then moved into his final command as the commander of Special Missions at the White House. This was a joint service command responsible for relocation plans and centers in the event of an emergency requiring evacuation and relocation of the President,  the Vice President, and all Presidential successors of the United States.  His command was spread through out the United States and covert missions and testing would often take him around the world to ensure emergency plans and procedures would in fact function during events such as 9-11 to all out war. 

He was appointed and served in the very responsible and important role of director of emergency actions  while serving with the  White House Communications Agency.  He has very extensive knowledge and experience in disaster planning and recovery and knows the value and the difference between diversity and redundancy in systems and testing of plans and procedures.  John trained over 1.000 of the best people in the military to plan for anything from a stubbed toe for the President to the worst possible scenarios .  His reputation for excellence led him to be chosen for highly classified missions while at the White House as director of emergency actions.  His planning and foresight helped to disband outdated covert missions and created several new special missions based on current and future threats and became the recognized expert in continuity of government programs for the executive branch of the United States government. 

He continued his expertise in disaster planning after his retirement becoming a founding member of a board set up specifically to partner business, local government, state government, and the federal government for eastern Washington, North Idaho, and Western Montana.  He also volunteered his expertise to local emergency planning committees for two north Idaho counties.  Bringing free federal emergency planning training to private business and local governments alike.

He offers expertise to all companies and government agencies to bring your communications systems to the next level or sim
ply to stabilize what you have in house. He can train your current staff or help you hire the experts you need to keep your systems on line. Donít guess at hiring a full time staff - John can help you determine the best courses of action for your IT and telecommunications needs.   He can offer very inexpensive suggestions or help you build a national system that can be the most reliable systems in your industry.

Take advantage of our experience and knowledge.  Review Johnís resume and contact him with your concerns.  He will put his years of experience to work for you at a price that will fit your needs and your budget.

John Davis is available for contract services from one day for reviews to long term renewable contracts for one or more years at a time.

John Davis


              Experience - Knowledge - Trust



  • President and Founder of J.W. Davis Solutions                                                 

  • More than 30 years of telecommunications and disaster planning experience.

  • 20 years of service in the United States Army.   Retired in 1994.

  • Former Building Implementation Manager of Elink, Los Angeles, CA

  • Former Customer Service Manager, Cypress Communications, Los Angeles, CA

  • Former Telecommunications Manager Coldwater Creek, Sandpoint, ID

  • Former Program Manager Columbia Spectrum Management, Vienna, VA

  • Former Telecommunications Manager of UNIBAND, US Treasury in Washington, DC

  • Former Director of the Emergency Broadcast System.

  • Former Director of Emergency Actions, White House Communications Agency, The White House

  • Former Commander Special Missions, White House Communications Agency, The White House

  • Former Deputy Commander Audio Visual, White House Communications Agency, The White House

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