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California Disasters

"Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail" 

Benjamin Franklin

Everyone should take notice and learn from the recent disasters that this country has faced in the last couple of years.  Many wonder how the Gulf Coast could have been so ill prepared for the Hurricane that was predicted for over 100 years and given several days notice of its absolute approach.  This may shock some of you but California faces a similar disaster when it comes to earthquakes.

For well over 100 years scientists have predicted a big quake but over these years we have all become complacent because the earthquakes that have happened have not caused that much damage and the damage has not affected that many of us personally. 

The fact that the big earthquake has not yet happened doesn't mean  we should forget potential danger either.

The single worst thing about the hurricane and the flood that followed in New Orleans was the fact that so few people were prepared to stand on their own for the first 72 hours.  We all have become too dependant on government at all levels even for our daily basic needs.  No government has the funds or extra staff to provide basic needs for everyone at once after a disaster.

As seen in New Orleans it didn't take long for the entire society to fall apart due to the simple lack of basic human needs such as water, food, and shelter.  No one anticipated that in the case of a major disaster the police, the firemen and other government personnel are just as vulnerable too.  When our government is faced with so much chaos and danger its first response is normally to immediate victims; in this case that was impossible  when so many  had no clean water, food or other basic necessities.  

What Can I Do In a Disaster to Help?   Be prepared to provide basic supplies of food and water for a minimum of 72 hours for everyone in your home so that the police and other first responders can handle the immediate needs of the victims and respond to only one disaster at a time. 

It is very unwise to assume the infrastructure such as roads and telephones will function after a major disaster.  We all may be completely isolated for several days including the police and fire departments in the disaster area.  We have to assume that nothing as we know it will be available as it is in every day life. 

Get Prepared NOW!  It can not be over emphasized to prepare for disasters.  It is somewhat easy to do once you decide to take a few hours out of your busy schedules to prepare your kits.  There are many resources available free of charge to show you how to prepare your own disaster kits, here is one that you can use yourself:  Click here for a free basic supplies list

You can also purchase handy pre packaged emergency kits for much less than you would imagine.  If you go to following link you will find kits for every need and situation with food and water supplies with 5 years of shelf life:  LifeSecure Emergency Supply Products and Kits

Other items besides food and water are also critical, such as first aid kits, sanitation materials, shelters, flashlights, batteries and a radio.  Most of the people in New Orleans had no means of communication what so ever.  There were few with radios and few radio stations that were on the air.  I urge each of you purchase a portable radio.  There are many on the market today and I would recommend one that does not require batteries, a multi band radio with AM, FM and SW.  That way you should be able to pick up some information and instructions from authorities during and after the disaster.  You can purchase one of these radios on line through LifeSecure and receive a 10% discount by using this discount code when you check out AM87456JD.  For a picture, more details of the radio and the link to purchase one go to this page:  Emergency Radio

The key to survival after a disaster is to:

  1.     Be prepared

  2.     Have a plan.

  3.     Make a kit

  4.     Ensure a minimum of 72 hours of supplies

  5.     STAY CALM

  6.     Follow instructions of the local authorities

If you are in need of help or more information then I urge you to contact your local community, the Red Cross, FEMA, or the Department of Homeland Defense.  The Red Cross, FEMA, and the Department of Homeland Defense offer all the free information you need to prepare for a disaster.  You can also find many of the same resources from these agencies on my web site as well.

I have an educational 45 minute presentation I offer to any group on how to prepare for disasters. You can get more information on this web page:  Public Speaking  or simply call me at 310-344-6471

I think John F. Kennedy said it best during is inauguration speech in 1961, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country". 

 I personally believe that the best we can do for ourselves, our neighbors, our communities and our country is to get ready and be prepared for a disaster.

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