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Federal Government Disaster Planning

Executive Order 11490

25th Amendment to the Constitution (1967)  Updated July 19, 2008

Continuity of Operations in the Executive Branch 8 Nov 04


Major Davis spent his last 6 years in the Army heavily involved with great responsibilities with in the Executive Branch of the Governments Disaster Planning.  Serving as the Deputy Operations Officer for Department of Defense Relocation Centers and later as the Commanding Officer of Relocation Command Centers for the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chief's of Staff. 

He also served at the White House as the Commanding Officer of Presidential Relocation Centers and as the Director of Emergency Actions responsible for all Presidential relocation centers, the National Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) (initiating the first over haul of the EBS since its inception, which has just recently came on line), distribution of plans worldwide to CINCS, Services, Agencies, and other governments, emergency communications treaties with allies, and training the White House Communications Agency on emergency action plans.


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